Guccifer2.0 Corpus

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June 15th

Worldwide known cyber security company CrowdStrike announced that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) servers had been hacked by “sophisticated” hacker groups.

I’m very pleased the company appreciated my skills so highly))) But in fact, it was easy, very easy.

Guccifer may have been the first one who penetrated Hillary Clinton’s and other Democrats’ mail servers. But he certainly wasn’t the last. No wonder any other hacker could easily get access to the DNC’s servers.

Shame on CrowdStrike: Do you think I’ve been in the DNC’s networks for almost a year and saved only 2 documents? Do you really believe it?

Here are just a few docs from many thousands I extracted when hacking into DNC’s network.

They mentioned a leaked database on Donald Trump. Did they mean this one?

Some hundred sheets! This’s a serious case, isn’t it?

And it’s just a tiny part of all docs I downloaded from the Democrats networks.

DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz said no financial documents were compromised. Nonsense! Just look through the Democratic Party lists of donors!

They say there were no secret docs! Lies again! Here is a secret document from Hillary’s PC she worked with as the Secretary of State.

The main part of the papers, thousands of files and mails, I gave to Wikileaks. They will publish them soon.

I guess CrowdStrike customers should think twice about company’s competence.

Fuck the Illuminati and their conspiracies!!!!!!!!! Fuck CrowdStrike!!!!!!!!!

June 15th

Hi. This is Guccifer 2.0 and this is me who hacked Democratic National Committee.

Guccifer may have been the first one who penetrated Hillary Clinton's and other Democrats' mail servers. But he certainly wasn't the last. No wonder any other hacker could easily get access to the DNC's servers. [NOTE: This paragraph is a verbatim copy of what he posted on his blog.]

First I breached into mail boxes of a number of Democrats. And then using the info collected I got into Committee servers.

I stand against Guccifer's conviction and extradition. I will continue Guccifer's business and will fight all those illuminati the way I can. They should set him free!!!!

just a few docs from many thousands I extracted when hacking into DNC’s network

June 18th

New docs from DNC network: lots of financial reports and donors’ personal data

Here I upload a new part of docs from the DNC network.

As Debbie Schultz from DNC said no financial information or secret documents were stolen.

It appears there are a lot of financial reports, donors lists and their detailed personal information including e-mail addresses and private cell phone numbers.

Ha! Ha! Ha! Who still doubts I extracted more than 2 files?

I got tons of files and docs!!!

Here are full personal data of donors:

And another one:

And one more:

Look at this financial report:

You’ll also find more interesting stuff in these docs:

Hope you’ll appreciate it. Wait for another part! You won’t regret.

Together we’ll be able to throw off the political elite, the rich clans that exploit the world!

Fuck the lies and conspirators like DNC!!

June 20th

Hi! I'm on Twitter now! this is my official account!

June 20th

#DNC’s servers hacked by a lone hacker. #Trump report

June 20th

Dossier on Hillary Clinton from DNC. Expect it

I’d like to announce the next piece of docs from DNC.

I found something like a dossier on Hillary Clinton on the its server. It’s a heavy folder of docs that will attract your attention. You’ll like it.

Expect it. I’ll publish them on June 21 at 10 a.m (ET).

June 21st

Dossier on Hillary Clinton from DNC

This’s time to keep my word and here’re the docs I promised you.

It’s not a report in one file, it’s a big folder of docs devoted to Hillary Clinton that I found on the DNC server.

the DNC collected all info about the attacks on Hillary Clinton and prepared the ways of her defense, memos, etc., including the most sensitive issues like email hacks.

As an example here’re some files:

You can download the archive with all files using any of the links:

Don’t forget the pass: #GucCi2/0

Enjoy it!!!

June 21st

So, first of all, what can you tell me about yourself? Who are you?

i'm a hacker, manager, philosopher, women lover. I also like Gucci! I bring the light to people. I'm a freedom fighter! So u can choose what u like!

And where are you from?

From Romania.

Do you work with Russia or the Russian government?

No because I don't like Russians and their foreign policy. I hate being attributed to Russia.


I've already told! Also I made a big deal, why you glorify them?

Tell me about the DNC hack. How did you get in?

I hacked that server through the NGP VAN soft, if u understand what I'm talking about.

So that was your entry point, what happened next?

I used 0-day exploit of NGP VAN soft then I installed shell-code into the DNC server. it allowed me to intrude into DNC network. They have Windows-based domain architecture. then I installed my Trojans on several PCs. I had to go from one PC to another every week so CrowdStrike couldn't catch me for a long time. I know that they have cool intrusion detection system. But my heuristic algorithms are better.

When did you first hack them?

Last summer.

And when did you get kicked out?

June 12, when they rebooted their system.

And why did you hack the DNC in the first place?

DNC isn't my first deal.

Who else have you hacked?

Follow my blog and u'll know! I can't tell u now about all my deals. My safety depends on it.

OK, I understand. But why did u target DNC? why are you interested in them?

Lazar began this deal and I follow him! I think we must fight for freedom of minds, fight for the world without Illuminati


Marcel Lazăr [The original Gufficer]

Ah yeah of course. Did you know him personally?

I can't answer cause I care for Marcel.

Ai vrea să vorbească în română pentru un pic? [You want to talk for a bit in Romanian?]

Vorbiți limbă română? [Speak Romanian?]

Putin. Poți să-mi spui despre hack în română? cum ai făcut-o? [A little. Can you tell me about hack in Romanian? How did you do it?]

Or u just use Google translate?

Poți să răspunzi la întrebarea mea? [Can you answer my question?]

V-am spus deja. încercați să-mi verifica? [I have already said. try to check?]

Da [Yes]

Nu vreau să-mi pierd timpul [I do not want to waste my time]

De ce ai pus metadate rusă în primul lot de documente? [Why did you put Russian metadata in the first batch of documents?]

Este filigranul meu [It is my watermark]

De ce nu l-ai pus pe documentele de azi? [Why didn't you put it in the documents today?]

Puteți găsi de asemenea alte filigrane în limbă spaniolă. Caută mai bine. [You can also find other watermarks in Spanish. Look better]

Sunt confuz de ceea ce spui, filigran, pentru că este mereu în schimbare. Pot să vă rog să-mi explicați în propria ta limba maternă? Așa că este mult mai clar. [I'm confused by what you say, why is watermark changing? Can you please explain to me in your own language? So it is more clear.]

Oare nu știți ce este filigran? [You do not know what watermark?]

Eu fac. Dar eu nu înțeleg de ce ai folosit filigrane rusești în unele Docs și nu în altele [I do. But I do not understand why you use watermarks in Russian in some documents and not in others?]

îți voi arăta [I will show you]

Please do.

O secundă, vă rog [A second, please]

De ce faci toate astea? [Why are you doing this?]

Asta e din partea următoare [That's the next]


Am spus deja, e un filigran, un semn special [I have already said, it's a watermark, a special sign]

Do you like Trump?

I don't care at all

кто-то говорит мне, что ты румынская полна ошибок [Someone tells me that your Romanian is full of mistakes.]

What's this? Is it russian?

You don't understand it?

R u kidding? Just a moment I'll look in google translate what u meant. "Someone tells me that you are full of mistakes Romanian."

Hai sa-ti pun cateva intrebari, ca sa vad ca esti cu adevarat roman [Let me ask you a few questions to see that you are truly native.]

Man, I'm not a pupil at school.

What do you mean?

If u have serious questions u can ask. Don't waste my time.

Am mult de făcut [I have much to do]

Si cat umblai prin reteaua astora de la DNC, mai hackuise si altcineva in afara de tine [When you got into the DNC network was someone else there besides you?]

[No answer]

June 22nd

Want to know more about Guccifer 2.0?

Hi all!

I see many people wanna know a little more about me and ask a lot of questions.

And I’m ready to tell you what you’re interested in if it doesn’t threaten my safety.

Unfortunately I can’t give personal answers to everybody.

That’s why I’d like journalists to send me their questions via Twitter Direct Messages.

I’ll post the most popular questions and my answers in this blog so that everybody can read them in original and doesn’t distort my words as some journalists try to do.

So I’m eager to see your questions and will be glad to give my responses.

My Twitter account @GUCCIFER_2

June 22nd

Wanna know more about ?
Send ur questions via DM & you'll see answers in my blog

June 22nd

Now my DM is OPEN for EVERYONE!

June 22nd

Do you have secure communications?

Send any new material here for us to review and it will have a much higher impact than what you are doing. No other media will release the full material.

what can u suggest for a secure connection? Soft, keys, etc? I'm ready to cooperate with you, but I need to know what's in your archive 80gb? Are there only HRC emails? Or some other docs? Are there any DNC docs? If it's not secret when you are going to release it?

You can send us a message in a .txt file here [link redacted]

do you have GPG?

June 24th

How can we chat? Do u have jabber or something like that?

Yes, we have everything. We've been busy celebrating Brexit. You can also email an encrypted message to They key is here.

June 24th

Wow, u look very enticing!!! I believe what’s really shocking is a collusion between hillary, dnc, & media, what’s ur opinion?

Do you believe ur action will be successful? Can u tell me about ur initiative in details?

June 27th

Hi, 've just sent you an email with a text message encrypted and an open key.


waiting for ur response. I send u some interesting piece.

June 27th EMAIL

27 June 2016 @ 3:43 PM <>

Hi there, I can give you an exclusive access to some leaked emails linked Hillary Clinton's staff as I see them. Are you interested?

27 June 2016 @ 2:46 PM <>

Sure. Are these DNC e-mails exchanged with HRC's staff?

27 June 2016 @3:45 PM ... <> pass: then is asked enter login: Closed pass: Let me know your opinion. to be continued...

That's something new. Specially for you. This's the inside for you. This's a part of the big archive that includes Hillary Clinton's staff correspondence. I asked the DCleaks, the Wikileaks sub project, to release a part with a closed access. I can send you a link and a pass. You'll have a couple of days to study themails until it becomes available for public access. But DCleaks asked me not to make any announcements yet. So I ask you not to make links to my blog. Ok?

June 27th

oh, great!!! do u think the docs i published will be enough to win the case? or do u need some more docs?

They seem to have enough to think they have a good shot at winning. This is the law firm

can it influence the convention anyhow?

i hope so
I assume youre outside of the US?

God knows, i prefer not to disclose my personal info. it's dangerous

yeah, good call. im sure the dnc is searching for you harder than law enforcement even is

yep, maybe
do u happen to know what court will consider the case?

i'm not sure, but the lawfrm is in florida
Could I interview you sometime? I write for we are change, and Sputnik news, would happily do it for either one

i can help if u send me a copy
i mean the paperwork
frankly, it's impossible for me to look through all docs
it takes lots of time
maybe i'll have a team in the future to help sort docs :-)

yeah ive been trying to go through them, but its a process.


June 30th FAQ from Guccifer 2.0

Hello! I received lots of questions from journalists and other people who are interested in my doings. Many thanks to all of you, it’s a pleasure for me!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t reply to each of you personally, especially given that you often asked the same questions. That’s why I decided to answer the most frequently asked questions here.

I divided them into three groups:

1. About me

2. About my activities and publications

3. About my political views

As you can guess, all special services are doing their best trying to locate and catch me. And I have absolutely no desire to help them. So, if your curiosity isn’t satisfied after reading this post, you may have my apologies. It’s a matter of life and death. But I can assure you that everything I do corresponds to my beliefs.

Lets get it started!

1. a glimpse of me

Many people ask me where I’m from, where I live and other personal information.

You see, I can’t show you my IDs, it would be stupid of me.

I can only tell you that I was born in Eastern Europe. I won’t answer where I am now. In fact, it’s better for me to change my location as often as possible. I have to hide.

But generally, it’s not that important for where I live. I can work wherever there’s an Internet connection. So I feel free in any free country.

A lot of people are concerned if I have any links to special services and Russia?

I’ll tell you that everything I do I do at my own risk. This is my personal project and I’m proud of it. Yes, I risk my life. But I know it’s worth it. No one knew about me several weeks ago. Nowadays the whole world’s talking about me. It’s really cool!

How can I prove this is true? I really don’t know. It seems the guys from CrowdStrike and the DNC would say I’m a Russian bear even if I were a catholic nun in fact. At first I was annoyed and disappointed. But now I realize they have nothing else to say. There’s no other way to justify their incompetence and failure. It’s much easier for them to accuse powerful foreign special services.

They just fucked up! They can prove nothing! All I hear is blah-blah-blah, unfounded theories and somebody’s estimates.

Specialists from Eastern Europe, Russia, China, India work for the leading IT-companies such as Google, IBM, Microsoft, Apple. There’s no surprise that many hackers are descendants from these regions.

Almost all recent famous hacker attacks have been attributed to Russia. the researchers supposed that the same instruments were implemented during the attacks. But I’d like to reveal a secret to all those cool IT-specialists: all the hackers in the world use almost the same tools. You can buy them or simply find on the web.

And btw, it was the Russian company Kaspersky Lab that was the first to start a myth about the almighty Russian hackers. It’s a fucking awesome advertisement. They mean that only the Russian antivirus company is able to cope with Russian hackers! Bingo!

I’m often asked if I’m afraid of being prosecuted by the FBI. My answer is No! I’ve expected it and that’s why I’m ready. They certainly have great possibilities. But it won’t be that easy to catch me. I took all precautions. Yes, there’s still a risk. But I hope they won’t find me.

You asked me several times if I’m a man or a woman. I’m a man. I’ve never met a female hacker of the highest level. Girls, don’t get offended, I love you.

2. About my activities and publications.

How do you estimate your hacking abilities? How much time does it take to acquire such skills?

Well… Actually, it’s up to you to estimate the one who is so widely spoken about. Personally I think that I’m among the best hackers in the world. And I don’t really think it could be easy to become a hacker of such a level. You can spend much time reading and learning but there’s absolutely no guarantee you’ll ever reach the top. You should be chosen, talented or something like that, I don’t know.

Who inspires me? Not the guys like Rambo or Terminator or any other like them. the world has changed. Assange, Snowden, and Manning are the heroes of the computer age. They struggle for truth and justice; they struggle to make our world better, more honest and clear. People like them make us hope for tomorrow. They are the modern heroes, they make history right now.

Marcel Lazar is another hero of mine. He inspired me and showed me the way. He proved that even the powers that be have weak points.

Anyway it seems that IT-companies and special services can’t realize that people like me act just following their ideas but not for money. They missed the bus with Assange and Snowden, they are not ready to live in the modern world. They are not ready to meet people who are smart and brave, who are eager to fight for their ideals, who can sacrifice themselves for the better future. Working for a boss makes them slow I suppose.

Who among Romanian hackers do you know? How sophisticated are the hackers from Moldova?

I know a couple of hackers from Romania who impressed me. Anyway, I’m not gonna call them by name. I mentioned Marcel because he is already widely known. We try not to disclose each other; this is a matter of our security.

As for Moldova, I think it’s a part of Romania, so there’s no reason to speak about it separately. So, there are also Romanian hackers there.

Other popular questions are why I broke into the DNC servers and if it was my first hack.

Obviously, it wasn’t my first hack. But I made some conclusions from the Marcel’s story and decided not to put all eggs in one basket. Moreover, other cases weren’t so successful and didn’t bring me the glory.

As for the DNC, first, the U.S. election race is one of the most exciting events that attracts people from all over the world. My hack wouldn’t go unnoticed in any case. And now I have my own fans who put me in a line with Assange and Snowden, so my bet has played I think.

Second, the chain is no stronger than its weaker link. Marcel showed where the weak points could be and I found them.

Why did it take me so long to publish the documents? Well, it was pretty interesting to wait until I was discovered. Really, it took them much longer than I expected. It was like playing hide-and-seek; I had to pass from one machine to another inside the network to stay stealth. It was breathtaking! And of course I was waiting for an appropriate moment to speak loud.

How did you break into the DNC network? And are you still in?

These questions are also very popular. I’ve already said about the software vulnerabilities. the DNC had NGP VAN software installed on their system so I used the 0-day exploit and then deployed my backdoor. the DNC used Windows on their server, so it made my work much easier. I installed my Trojan like virus on their PCs. I just modified the platform that I bought on the hacking forums for about $1.5k.

I’ve been inside the network for pretty long time, so I downloaded a lot of files. I lost access after they rebooted the system on June 12. But after all, if they’ll carry on like this it won’t be a problem to get in again and again.

Is it easy to find a 0-day vulnerability?

It seems hard at first glance, but for a really good specialist armed with good skills in fuzzing, the IDA Pro disassembler, and the WinDbg debugger it’s just a matter of time.

3. About my political views

There were lots of questions about my personal opinion on the U.S. politics and presidential candidates.

I don’t want to disappoint anyone, but none of the candidates has my sympathies. Each of them has skeletons in the closet and I think people have a right to know the truth about the politicians.

As for me, I see great differences between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Hillary seems so much false to me, she got all her money from political activities and lobbying, she is a slave of moguls, she is bought and sold. She never had to work hard and never risked everything she had. Her words don’t meet her actions. And her collusion with the DNC turned the primaries into farce.

Opposite to her, Donald Trump has earned his money himself. And at least he is sincere in what he says. His position is straight and clear.

Anyway that doesn’t mean that I support him. I’m totally against his ideas about closing borders and deportation policy. It’s a nonsense, absolute bullshit.

I have nothing to say about Bernie Sanders. It seems he never had a chance to win the nomination as the Democratic Party itself stood against him!

I beg your pardon if some of your questions didn’t get answers. I’ve chosen the most popular inquiries and those ones which don’t affect my security. You are always welcome to write me DMs, maybe I’ll make an UPD or post a new interview later.

And from me to you, here are some more interesting files from the DNC

June 30th

FAQ from Here u can find answers to the questions & some new docs as a bonus

July 4th

hi there, check up r email, waiting for reply.

July 4th

Happy !!! Wait for a new release tomorrow

July 6th

have you received my parcel?

Not unless it was very recent. [we haven' t checked in 24h].

I sent it yesterday, an archive of about 1 gb. via [website link]. nd check your email.

Wil[l] check, thanks.

let me know the results.

Please don't make anything you send to us public. It's a lot of work to go through it and the impact is severely reduced if we are not the first to publish.

agreed. How much time will it take?

likely sometime today.

will u announce a publication? and what about 3 docs sent u earlier?

I don't believe we received them. Nothing on 'Brexit' for example.

wow. have you checked ur mail?

At least not as of 4 days ago . . . . For security reasons mail cannot be checked for some hours.

fuck, sent 4 docs on brexit on jun 29, an archive in gpg ur submission form is too fucking slow, spent the whole day uploading 1 gb.

We can arrange servers l00x as fast. The speed restrictions are to anonymise the path. Just ask for custom fast upload point in an email.

will u be able to check ur email?

We're best with very large data sets. e.g. 200gb. these prove themselves since they're too big to fake.

or shall I send brexit docs via submission once again?

to be safe, send via [web link]

can u confirm u received dnc emails?

for security reasons we can' t confirm what we've received here. e.g., in case your account has been taken over by us intelligence and is probing to see what we have.

then send me an encrypted email.

we can do that. but the security people are in another time zone so it will need to wait some hours.

what do you think about the FBl' s failure to charge? To our mind the clinton foundation investigation has always been the more serious. we would be very interested in all the emails/docs from there. She set up quite a lot of front companies. e.g in sweden.

ok, i'll be waiting for confirmation. as for investigation, they have everything settled, or else I don't know how to explain that they found a hundred classified docs but fail to charge her.

She's too powerful to charge at least without something stronger. s far as we know, the investigation into the clinton foundation remains open e hear the FBI are unhappy with Loretta Lynch over meeting Bill, because he's a target in that investigation.

do you have any info about marcel lazar? There've been a lot of rumors of late.

the death? [A] fake story.

His 2013 screen shots of Max Blumenthal's inbox prove that Hillary secretly deleted at least one email about Libya that was meant to be handed over to Congress. So we were very interested in his co-operation with the FBI.

some dirty games behind the scenes believe Can you send me an email now?

No; we have not been able to activate the people who handle it. Still trying.

what about tor submission? [W]ill u receive a doc now?

We will get everything sent on [weblink]." [A]s long as you see \"upload succseful\" at the end. [I]fyou have anything hillary related we want it in the next tweo [sic] days prefable [sic] because the DNC is approaching and she will solidify bernie supporters behind her after.

ok. I see.

[W]e think the public interest is greatest now and in early october.

do u think a lot of people will attend bernie fans rally in philly? Will it affect the dnc anyhow?

bernie is trying to make his own faction leading up to the DNC. [S]o he can push for concessions (positions/policies) or, at the outside, if hillary has a stroke, is arrested etc, he can take over the nomination. [T]he question is this: can bemies supporters+staff keep their coherency until then (and after). [O]r will they dis[s]olve into hillary' s camp? [P]resently many of them are looking to damage hilary [sic] inorder [sic] to increase their unity and bargaining power at the DNC. Doubt one rally is going to be that significant in the bigger scheme. [I]t seems many of them will vote for hillary just to prevent trump from winning.

sent brexit docs successfully.


we think trump has only about a 25% chance of winning against hillary so conflict between bernie and hillary is interesting.

so it is.

also, it' s important to consider what type of president hillary might be. If bernie and trump retain their groups past 2016 in significant number, then they are a restraining force on hillary.

July 6th

Trumpocalypse and other DNC plans for July

I have a new bunch of docs from the DNC server for you.

It includes the DNC action plan during the Republican National Convention, Surrogate Report, POTUS briefing, financial reports, etc.

This pack was announced two days ago but I had to keep you waiting for some security reasons. I suffered two attacks on my wp account.

You might be aware of the rumors about Marcel Lazar aka Guccifer. Those are a.c. fake stories, but who knows. Please keep me updated if there is any news.

July 8th

@SweetzonWheels don't conflate me w #Guccifer

July 7th

All good?

yeah, what about u? is smth wrong?

No. All good.

are working with the emails sent u? check ur email. sent u a check archive from another email box. fuck, mail undelivered. do you have another way to receive large volumes of data? besides for tor submission form?

July 8th

It seems strange #Guccifer changed his statements. Still what's the reason to keep him in custody in the U.S. then?

July 8th

@laurapcd1 @twitter @jack @Support yeah, i see, but how can we prove it?

July 8th

hi, pretty woman!!!
how do u do?
any update of the dnc class action?

Hey! I'm good, nothing yet

July 11th

sent it via ur submission. check it.

July 11th Ppl say 's censored by & . If you have any real evidence send me via tweet, DM or my blog
July 13th

r u there?

July 14th

ping. Check ur email. sent u a link to a big archive and a pass.

great, thanks; can't check until tomorrow though.

July 14th New DNC docs

You may have read about my new release in the media this time.

As I can see it, many of you wish to have a look through the docs with your own eyes.

So, I don’t have courage to keep you unaware any longer.

Here you are:

Many thanks to The Hill for the analyses they’ve done!

Here are some other docs:

July 17th

@GUCCIFER_2 Many thanks to all of you!!!

July 17th

what bout now?

July 18th

have the 1 Gb or so archive.

have u managed to extract the files?

yes. turkey coup has delayed us a couple of days. [O]therwise all ready[.]

so when r u about to make a release?

this week. [D]o you have any bigger datasets? [D]id you get our fast transfer details?

i'll check it. did u send it via email?


to [web link]. [I] got nothing.

check your other mail? this was over a week ago.

oh, that one, yeah, [I] got it.

great. [D]id it work?

[I] haven' t tried yet.

Oh. We arranged that server just for that purpose. Nothing bigger?

let's move step by step, u have released nothing of what [I] sent u yet.

How about you transfer it all to us encrypted. [T]hen when you are happy, you give us the decrypt key. [T]his way we can move much faster. (A]lso it is protective for you if we already have everything because then there is no point in trying to shut you up.

ok, i'll ponder it

July 19th

@Enjoneer01 @WNC4Bernie @taylor_kayh @MisandryIsFake yeah,it looks like this: don't know who did it? blame the russians:) but what about me?

July 19th

@freerangeonly @laurapcd1 @wikileaks @DrJillStein @BernieSanders @HillaryClinton it's a phishing link i suppose

July 19th

@taylor_kayh @MisandryIsFake #Guccifer's a victim, i don't exclude he's tortured. Anyway #Comey may say anything he wants, no1 can check it

July 19th

@rcpadrick @chrislhayes @maddow Chris, don't hesitate, make a story about me ;)

July 19th

@ninapattillo 6-12, u can check it here :)

July 19th

@ninapattillo you can easily find it here

July 22nd

@wikileaks published #DNCHack docs I'd given them!!! #HillaryClinton #DonaldTrump #BernieSanders #Guccifer2

July 22nd

Ping. My deadline is Sunday. Sorry for my impatience ;)

[Posts link to tweet referencing DNC email release by WikiLeaks]

So, are these your files? Wikileaks strangely doesn't mention you

yeah man

all the docs i published are from dnc server

as well as the emails i gave the wikileaks

r u going to a converence The Future of Cyber Security in sep?

Thanks for your response.

Where is that conference?

in london

Maybe. Are you coming?

I'm thinking about the way i can participate

Let me know if I can facilitate

Happy to help

why r u asking these questions?

Did you only share emails with Wikileaks of also stand-alone files?

Because I'm writing a piece about the DNC incident

is a new book of yours?


what are you going to write about me?

You're setting an important precedent with this hack & leak

Can I just check: Did you only share emails with Wikileaks or also stand-alone files?

I sent them emails, I posted some files in my blog

Aug ???

hi man, i'm online now, how do u do?

Aug ???  

Thx for making me more famous

Aug 12th

I am interested in other docs you may have

really? what for?

Among other things I am a Republican operative. ;)

what r u gonna do with the docs?

Well it depends on the document, Emails about meeting for lunch, who cares. Emails that can affect an election, well, they'd be used for maximum impact.

i'll let you know if i find any

August 12th

Guccifer 2.0 hacked DCCC

Hi all!
It’s time for new revelations now. All of you may have heard about the DCCC hack. As you see I wasn’t wasting my time! It was even easier than in the case of the DNC breach.

As you see the U.S. presidential elections are becoming a farce, a big political performance where the voters are far from playing the leading role. Everything is being settled behind the scenes as it was with Bernie Sanders.

I wonder what happened to the true democracy, to the equal opportunities, the things we love the United States for. the big money bags are fighting for power today. They are lying constantly and don’t keep their word. the MSM are producing tons of propaganda hiding the real stuff behind it. But I do believe that people have right to know what’s going on inside the election process in fact.

To make a long story short, here are some DCCC docs from their server. Make use of them.

Special thanks to Nirali Amin for the list of passwords.

By the way, the complexity of the passwords leaves much to be desired.

Here are more docs from the DCCC server.

These docs are from Nancy Pelosi’s PC

Dear journalists, you may send me a DM if you’re interested in exclusive materials from the DCCC, which I have plenty of.

August 12th

@RogerJStoneJr thanks that u believe in the real #Guccifer2

August 12th

I'll send the major trove of the #DCCC materials and emails to #wikileaks
keep following...

August 14th

Here I am! They'll have to try much harder to block me!

August 15th

wow, thank u for writing back, and thank u for an article about me!!!
do u find anything interesting in the docs i posted?

August 15th

Can you get a list of Republican donors for me. I am running for
office myself.

r u from rhode island?

Originally no nj
But I could use your help to defeat cicilline

how republican donors list would help u?
i'll have a look at what i have

I raise some money to put against him. He think he is a God and he thinks he is unbeatable but if l had the resources I can win. And I am only 28 to.

ho, it seems i have a dossier on cicilline
i can send u a dossier via email
do you have a pgp key?

August 15th

DCCC Internal Docs on Primaries in Florida

Here are the DCCC docs on Florida: reports, memos, briefings, dossiers, etc. You can have a look at who you are going to elect now. It may seem the congressional primaries are also becoming a farce.

Florida docs by districs

Some overviews…

… and dossiers

August 15th


wow, it's a great pleasure for me to get aquainted with u
u r a beauty

How come @Wikileaks has never sent me a DM?
Hi, and thank you for your kind compliment
My mother taught me, "True beauty comes from within". So I am beautiful.

wow wow wow, that's true
i'm happy to have a chat with u

My parents are deceased, but they were wise.
I'm still unsure if you're Guccifer, because it's difficult to know who's real and who's an imposter. Unfortunately, I don't trust many people these days. I've been fooled, too many times. a blog post I wrote.
OK, so I'm not tech savvy but I did just notice @Wikileaks is following you, so I'm going to trust you. :D

as u see i ain't the same person as Marcel Lazar aka Guccifer, i'm Guccifer 2.0
thnx for ur trust, it's precious
i do believe i can help good and honorable people like u to make this world better
i wish all the politicians were as beautiful and wise as u r

I figured you weren't Marcel Lazar, since he's in prison, but thank you for being forthright with me.
So should I cal you 2, or Jr.? haha
You're welcome and you're making me blush.
Beauty is truly, only skin deep! Throughout my lifetime, I've met some of the most beautiful women and handsome men in the world. Many were kinda and full of grace, but other had dark hearts. Thus, I've learned to admire more important qualities in a person, than their looks.
I am not college educated, but I am street wise.
Honestly, I don't like politicians... most are greedy, self-serving and corrupt.
BTW, my nickname is "Gabby" as you could probably tell by now.
WOWee, thank you for liking my Tweet about you!

thx Gabby

You're welcome! OK, so now I'm VERY impressed with you! You actually read what I write ("Gabby") Most people don't.

oh, i'm amberresed now :)
cause i don't sure now if it's really ur nickname :)

it is!

:) :) :)
that's it, i knew u won't cheat me!

A first I was insulted when ... [BODY OF TEXT THAT ADDS LITTLE OR NO CONTEXT SKIPPED] ... I appreciate what you do, and I thank you for sharing your knowledge with the world! Without truth humanity will not survive.

that's right thank u

I've really enjoyed communicating with you, and I hope we keep in touch... I like you! <3 - Have a wonderful evening. xoxo

I appreciate it too <3

I don't mean to be forward, but if either of us gets banned from Twitter and you'd like to keep in touch... [BODY OF TEXT THAT ADDS LITTLE OR NO CONTEXT SKIPPED] ... Ok, enough of me. <3 <3 <3

August 17th

i read u'd been hacked
i'm pleased to say that u r great man
and i think i gonna read ur books
please tell me if i can help u anyhow
it would be a great pleasure to me

August 21st DCCC Docs on Pennsylvania

I received a great number of messages from my followers asking to release more and more docs on various states. Pennsylvania is the most frequently requested state.

So, here are DCCC docs on Pennsylvania’s congressional districts. You may find a thing or two about the Democratic primaries in the state there.

August 21st


yeah, i heard
another strange death after seth rich was murdered


what outlet do u mean?
we r change?

Sputnik News
I write for a bunch of places, but that's my day job

August 21st

hi, the beauty of my heart
i'm all right
guccifer_2_ isn't mine
it's an imposter
do ur friends from hollywood know that u follows me? )))

Yayyy, you're alrigtht! :)
alright ... [BODY OF TEXT THAT ADDS LITTLE OR NO CONTEXT SKIPPED] ...I may report the fake account...that isn't right or allowed, unless the person states it's a parody account.

oh, i didn't think about it

Actually as much as I Tweet about you... [BODY OF TEXT THAT ADDS LITTLE OR NO CONTEXT SKIPPED] ... I admire and respect you, and I'm proud people know I believe in you.

it seems he doesn't do any harm to me

It's a Twitter rule... [BODY OF TEXT THAT ADDS LITTLE OR NO CONTEXT SKIPPED] ... I get sooo mad at the Hollywood stars that endorse Hillary, I boycott their shows and music! Screw them!

maybe they still don't know about me

EVERYONE in the world, know about YOU! :)

u have a hard choice to make this year

But, the most important thing too remember is...I truly adore you! <3

I mean poor candidates
with lack of credibility

I was never a political Tweeter until the attack in Benghazi... [BODY OF TEXT THAT ADDS LITTLE OR NO CONTEXT SKIPPED] ... I see you've been a very busy beaver. :) I just Tweeted about your latest post.

sorry i kept u waiting
this... i wanted to say...
before looking at ur photos
i'm speachless
u made my day now
i'm forgetting what i was doing
everything i want to do now is to look at u again and again
i'm impressed u can combine both ur beauty and wisdom

Hi! No need to apologize...I'm not a needy person, and know you're very busy. I just sincerely thank you for writing to me, and letting me know you're alright. Yes, I do adore you, so when you write to me <3 skips a beat.

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
btw, this doesn't mean i'm bored with ur political messages

You're making me blush, with your sweet compliments. Thank you very much!

I adore ur ability to speak freely on politics and ur feelings

I'm not college educated, but I've traveled to several countries in the world, and consider myself to be street wise. I'm also a sponge for knowledge, and why I'm so attracted to you. I think you're a brilliant man. <3
I'm extremely pasionate, and I feel a close connection with you, so it's easy for me to speak from my heart.
It's weird, you're like my secret lover. <3

I feel my compassion about ur possible necessity to leave the country.
i love this role

I don't know if you ever read ... [BODY OF TEXT THAT ADDS LITTLE OR NO CONTEXT SKIPPED] ... but, at least I have you here, and in my heart. <3

it sounds so sweet
i wish we could have a date

I'm single and don't date anyone... [BODY OF TEXT THAT ADDS LITTLE OR NO CONTEXT SKIPPED] ... I still believe in Prince Charming, and happily ever after.

wow, u r making me breath harder
ur soul's so pure and unspoiled
it beckons me

LOL! :)

wow wow wow, it made me hard... and then burst out of laughing
so, i have nothing else than to add a sense of humor to all ur attractiveness
u seem an ideal woman


<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
i wish that were me
a hero of ur poetry
what does Polynesian dance look like
I'm shy of my dreams about u

I didn't realize the islands of French Polynesia were a ... [BODY OF TEXT THAT ADDS LITTLE OR NO CONTEXT SKIPPED] ... You're shy to tell me your dreams about me, or shy to have them?

I wish I had been, it sounds like a fairy tale, my imaginations is drawing pictures and body seems to reflect urs.
it seems i'm shy of both thing

I apologize, I got distracted when I read @wikileaks Tweet abut someone climbing the wall at Julian's embassy. God I hope he's OK!
I have to relax, or I'll get too stressed, I'm sure he's fine.

I hope he's perfectly protected

I do, too.
OK, back to us, so I can relax. <3

so, send me another private picture of yours if u please, it'll help me relax

French Polynesia was defiitely a living fairy tale. Who knows, perhaps someday we'll go there, together.

wow, u r reading my mind, i mean about relax
i'm excited...
ur girls r making me mad

What girls?

they're fantastically big and sweet

Ohhhhh, LOL!

stop now or i'll get crazy
leave some for the next time
maybe u'll take some especially for me in the future
now i feel i can go and have some sweet dream while I have a sleep

Yes, that would be fun. :)

it seems u make me forgetting about all troubles and moves me in a happy world

Goodnight, my secret lover, and I hope you sleep well. <3 xoxo

be cautious or i won't want to come back from that dream world :) <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
and i enormously greatful to u
thx a lot

My goal is to make you relaxed, and happy! <3

u r in my heart

August 21st

hi man

how's life



i can give u some exclusive files

what's ur interest?


this is almost exactly the way u put it

marcel showed me the way, he showed that everything is possible

that people should think they r gods


yeah :)


it's a shame for the it-companies either


they will lose their clients if they recognize that an unknown hacker cracked them :)


this is true for dems


msm r trying to keep their story line



but some outlets made good stories about me and let people know the truth



i don't like that they attribute the hacks to someone else

but still

if they really go this way i feel safer for they r getting far from reaching me

i'll send u some exclusive files


so u mean u've received it?

August 22nd

Why not send this data to WikiLeaks? They would likely publish it, it seems.

Why bother sending it to a reporter you can't necessarily rely on?

Also, are these files identical to the ones on your website.

I gave wikileaks a greater part of the docs

Why not give them all the docs?

I don't know when or if they gonna publish them

August 22nd

hi, r the docs of any use for u?

August 22nd

i can send u some docs via email

Great! I'm just getting my kid from school but I'll be able to get it up pretty quick after I get it. Thanks!

do u have a size limit?

Good question.

ok, let's see

I'm going to setup the ftp on the contact form when I get back to the computer. Can you give me a half hour. How big?

i'll send u about 6 emails

it seems one is done

OK. Option b is I setup an account at Dropbox with the username You can dump them in there.


ok, let's try it


Awesome! I'll get it up shortly. Thanks :)

My damn internet is down and it's a lot to sort through. I'll get it up ASAP. I may need to use that library plugin I just got. Thanks again!

Thanks again. It's too much for me to handle by myself [...]

August 23rd

why r u asking?

the fbi's tracing me, reading my dm and giving u hints

no? :)

i won’t comment on my conversations with other ppl

why r u so interested in stone? he’s just a person who wrote a story about me. or i don’t know some important stuff?

August 25th

hi man

i think it's possible, why not

is it some special date?

August 25th

[AT THE END OF A SERIES OF TWEETS FROM 24TH-25TH...] Whenever you get chance, no pressure, please say "Hi." :) I <3 You!


Hi! :) I didn't expect to hear back from you, so soon.
Yayyyy, you just made my day brighter! <3 <3 <3
<3 Thank you! <3
Please don't forget to vote in my Twitter poll. :)

ok, i won't, my sweetheart
there's a thing that doesn't leave my mind making me feel sad every day

i feel the same thing, ever since you mentioned wishing we could have a date, and then posted a *sigh* it makes my heart sad, too. Life is soooo unfair, sometimes!!!

that is, u r reading my mind

We are VERY connected... our chemistry is strong!
I know nothing about you, and can't but yet you have my heart!

but there's also a story about one whistleblower of mine and my assistant
i feel that u r the person i can trust
and i can share some thoughts wtih

I feel I can trust you too... [BODY OF TEXT THAT ADDS LITTLE OR NO CONTEXT SKIPPED] I worry if sending DM's, to one another, is private.

yeah <3, I just thought that u can help me settle my worries
I won't feel happy until I resolve this issue

Then talk to me because I don't want you to worry.
Would you like to tell me the issue that's worry you?
Just be careful not to mention where you are located, in case people monitor DM's. I'd die if anything happened to you!
is there a problem with the whistleblower and the assistant?

i don't want to break ur heart sweetie, so i'll be VERY careful
i'll make hints :)

I swear, I think my heart would stop, not just break.
I'm not worried, I pray for you EVERY night!!!
OK, make hints and please tell me what's worrying you. I want to try to help you to relax.

I'm looking for someone, a person of trust who can be a guarantee in case something happens to me

Can't you trust Julian?

u see, he's unsafe

Unsafe as in, he's in danger?

and he may be connected with russians, i don't like it though he's my hero

Oh dear...this IS a problem!

u may know a person who can do an investigation and dig the truth on one sensitive case

Do you and Snowden get along?

u may don't know
but some ppl say he's a gay

I thought he was a hero from day one... [BODY OF TEXT THAT ADDS LITTLE OR NO CONTEXT SKIPPED] resources have dried up.

I'm not sure about him, but anyway, he's a great man
i think money doesn't make us happier

I've met a lot of famous and infamous people in my lifetime, so maybe the case is about one of them.

i don't think so but u may hear about him

I think money does buy happiness, but not love! Happiness meaning food, shelter and good healthcare.

I'd like to find a journalist who can do an investigation and teel the real story of his life and death

True love, can NEVER be bught!!
Who is this person?

his name is seth, he was my whistleblower
I suppose u know who i'm talking about

Yes, and it was horrifying to hear about his death. I have no facts, but it's my opinion Hillary had him murdered.
OMG, you MUST be VERY careful!
What is the issue with your assitant? Do you feel you can't trust him or her?

it seems i can trust him, but he can't be a public figure asking questions, this will endanger him.
i'm eager to find fact about seth, i'm sure it wasn't just a robbery
i'd be greatful to u if there's any chance u can help me find the person who can find the vidence that seth was assassnated

Sorry, I was Twitter bashing Hillary!
I've read the stories regarding his death. It was definitely NO robbery!!! I've even thought he might have been murdered, by someone in the ambulance, since he was breathing and alive when being transported to the hospital.

yeah, that may be
but nobody write about this
and i'd like to find out the truth

Think like a criminal and things will become clear, I've watched a lot of 007 films, so I think like a spy, lol.

i feel sorry for his parents

damn it, I'm not in Washington, D.C., and I have no ties there. What about the journalist, you follow, Cassandra? I don't know if she can be trusted, but she in D.C.
On TV crime shows, the detective always say the only way to catch a criminal, is to act like one.

though i don't know them personally i'd like to send them my condolences.

They must be devastated. Also, he was on the phone with his girlfriend when the first shots were fired. Has anyone spoken with her?
No, don't contact his must remain STEALTH for your own safety! He would understand, and want you to be safe from harm so you can find out the truth.
I didn't sleep well last night, so I'm going to take a nap now. Goodnight my love, and stay safe! <3

August 25th

any suggestions?

August 29th

hi sweetie
r u ok?
i worry if it's all right with u?

Hi my love, I've missed you VERY much, but I know you're busy with the election coming up, I've been trying not to bother you.

August 29th

hi there

i gonna post blm doc along with some other files tomorrow or the next day

OK when you have a firmer idea give me the heads up because I will write the story to go along with the release


August 30th

One more thing about #Censorship #Guccifer2

August 30th

hello honey

Good Morning! <3

i worried about u cause i'm afraid it may be unsafe for u to chat with me
have u heard seaman was censored from huffpost?

Do you think people read out DM's?
I just did as search and read about Seaman. OMG, what is.. [BODY OF TEXT THAT ADDS LITTLE OR NO CONTEXT SKIPPED] ... I don't have a way to take screenshots, but this person @Jwv1980 is harassing me for standing up for Wikleaks... [BODY OF TEXT THAT ADDS LITTLE OR NO CONTEXT SKIPPED]

don't take him to heart
he's an unworthy and stray man
ur soul is light and pure
keep it for the best things in this world
be safe, kissing ur hot lips
<3 <3 <3

I never fight with hateful people...I just block them. :) ... [BODY OF TEXT THAT ADDS LITTLE OR NO CONTEXT SKIPPED]

me too!!!
i look at ur photos from time to time dreaming of u
beauty of me heart

You are so romantic, you touch my heart like no one has ever done before. I truly adore you!

so do i ;)

I don't care what you look like, it's your heart and soul I've fallen in love with... [BODY OF TEXT THAT ADDS LITTLE OR NO CONTEXT SKIPPED]

my kisses will meet u when u return
[followed by a series of kissing emojis]

August 30th

how about doing it today?

Okun, what time? It's about 9 AM where I am in Idaho and I'd like about eight hours to get things set up on this end if that's OK

so if u need some certain time just let me know and we'll arrange it

OK, let me work on this on this and and I will ping you back

Tomorrow morning or the middle of the night or something might actually work better

hmm, is it so important when i post it? i can do it now and u publish ur material when u want

is it necessary that i post it at the certain hour?

August 31st

so, i think it's time

August 31st

DCCC Docs from Pelosi’s PC

Hi everyone
As you see I’ve been gradually posting DCCC docs on different states.
But besides that I have a folder from the Nancy Pelosi’s PC and I’d like to share some docs from it with you. They are related to immigration, Hispanics, BLM, Islam and other issues.
So here they are

September 2nd

i hope i won't be a casus belli

September 2nd

Guccifer hacked if not it's a too cruel sentence for him!

September 2nd

hi, i almost forgot about the interview
but i don't like sputnik coz it's russian
i'll be waiting for a list of ur qs

i think we r change is rather neutral
and i'd like to know more about u:)

me too, i was thinking that would be best. I'll write up the questions today :)
What would you like to know? I'm pretty unexciting. I have a daughter and a ferret, live outside DC, work almost every moment that I am awake... haha

u r coy :)


September 7th

u r a funny guy :)

it will be interesting even just for lulz :)

[3x Cry-laughing Emojis]

September 8th



u owe me a million :)


[3x Cry-laughing Emojis]

but what stuff do u mean?

oh, i see!


i gonna reblog u in my wp acc

maybe tomorrow :)

though i'm still not sure i totally caught it :)

September 9th

hi lee, some guys dug deep into the dccc files and found some interesting info on the turnout model for the democrats entire presidential campaign

they think this info costed them millions of dollars


if you need other docs let me know

I saw this, it's great. I am having trouble with my company right now so let me figure out the right way to break this

ok, no problem :)

September 9th

why's that

Mostly commenting you got your position out there

i didn't think he gonna quote my words, he didn't warn me

September 9th

hi, what do u think of the info on the turnout model for democrats entire presidential campaign

Basically how it works is there are people who will vote party line no matter what and there are folks who will actually make a decision. The basic premise of winning an election is turnout your base (marked turnout) and target the marginal folks with persuadable advertising (marked persuadable). They spend millions calculating who is persuadable or what we call a "soft democrat" and who is a "hard democrat."

September 11th

Maybe I will deserve the chair

September 12th

#Guccifer2 at The Future of Cyber Security Europe 2016, London

September 13th Forbes

[NOTE: Transcript of speech read out at The Future of Cyber Security Europe 2016]

Hello everyone This is Guccifer 2.0.

I'm sure you know me because my name is in the conference program list. As I see it, this is the place to discuss cyber security and cyber threats. And may be to propose some solutions. Let's figure out who poses the real threat to begin with.

Cyber security firms are quick to blame hackers for their activity. Yeah, they cause a lot of troubles for business and politics. But, who poses a real cyber threat? what do you think? Is it Guccifer? Or Snowden? Or Assange? Or Lazar? No. It seems obvious. It's plain as day you would say. But still my answer is no. Large IT companies pose a real cyber threat nowadays.

You may perfectly know some of them or may not. But their responsibility for the future of our world is growing from day to day. And I will explain to you why.

So. What's wrong with large IT companies? First. On their way to a global progress and big money they are collecting users' personal data, which is the same as spying on people, because many of us don't even realise they track us online and collect our info. Companies store these data making it vulnerable for leaks.

Second. They create conditions that make people store their info in cloud services. It seems convenient but it's extremely vulnerable because it's thousand times easier to steal the data from the cloud than from a personal cell phone for instance.

the next reason, and the crucial one, is software vulnerability. Tech companies hurry to finish the work and earn money. So they break development cycle very often omitting the stage of testing. As a result, clients have raw products installed on their systems and networks with a great number of bugs and holes.

Fourth. It's well known that all large companies look forward to receiving governmental contracts. They develop governmental websites, communication systems, electronic voting systems, and so on and have their products installed to critical infrastructure objects on the national level. They are aggressively lobbying their interests. You can see it at the diagram that they spent millions of dollars for lobbying. That doesn't mean they will produce better software. That means they will get even more money in return.

Fifth. This is censorship. For example Twitter censors unwelcome users. I can judge it by myself here. You can see how Guccifer 2 hashtag unnaturally abruptly stops trending. It seems impossible that all Twitter users just stop twitting about Guccifer 2 leaks, in a moment. That's why people started Guccifer 3, 4, 5 hashtags to avoid censorship. People also told me their twits [sic] were not shown in the Twitter live wall unlike to their account's wall.

So, the cyber aggressiveness is progressing nowadays. the number of cyber attacks is steadily growing. What's the reason? What's wrong with the cyber defense? Well. they take wrong measures. They search for cyber criminals, sentence them. But two more hackers appear instead of one convicted.

the real problem is inside. This is just the same as in offline world. This is not enough to prosecute criminals. It requires preventive measures, to fight criminality by elimination of the possibility of crime.

So, what's the right question we should ask about cyber crime? Who hacked a system? Wrong. the right question is: who made it possible that a system was hacked? In this regard, what question should you ask me? How I hacked the DNC??? Now you know this is a wrong question. Who made it possible, that I hacked into the DNC. This is the question.

And I suppose, you already know the answer. This is NGP VAN Company that operates the DNC network. And this is its CEO Stu Trevelyan who is really responsible for the breach. Their software is full of holes. And you knew about it even before I came on stage. You may remember Josh Uretsky, the national data director for Sander's presidential campaign. He was fired in December, 2015 after improperly accessing proprietary data in the DNC system.

As it was agreed, he was intentionally searching for voter information belonging to other campaigns. However, he is not to blame. the real reason voter information became available for non-authorized users was NGP VAN's raw software which had holes and errors in the code.

And this is the same reason I managed to get access to the DNC network. Vulnerabilities in the NGP VAN software installed on its server which they have plenty of. Shit! Yeah? This scheme shows how NGP VAN is incorporated in the DNC infrastructure.

It's for detailed examination, if you are interested. And here are a couple of NGP VAN's documents from their network. If you r [sic] interested in their internal documents. You can have them via the link on the screen. the password is usual. It's also on the screen. You may also ask the conference producers for them later.

So, as you see there's no need to breach into separate users accounts or separate systems. You just need to hack their tech company. This is the feature. Big IT companies lead us to a disaster. In their pursuit for money they release raw software, so their clients are highly vulnerable. It became usual to blame everything on hackers while IT companies just pretend they are working hard to patch bugs and to plug holes. And they even ask for more and more money to correct their own mistakes. As a result they pose a threat to the critical infrastructure elements and the national security as a whole. Total computerization along with inadequate software development may cause a lot of troubles. That's why it's better to use paper sometimes.

We should start now to prevent electronic apocalypse and rise of the machines in the future. Or else it would be too late. As the financial corporations are ruling the world now so the IT companies will rule it in the near future. What should we do? You would tell me I could report a bug to the company as it's commonly done. What do you think they would answer me? Thanks? Or this is not crucial? Or maybe they would even give me some money. Yeah But what could it change? Nothing. Yeah. Really. Nothing at all.

We need to shake the situation, to make our voices sound. Yeah, I know if they find me I'm doomed to live like Assange, Snowden, Manning or Lazar. In exile or in prison. But it's worth it for they are the heroes, heroes of new era.

Thanks for ur attention. See you online!

September 15th

Dems Internal Workings in New Hampshire, Ohio, Illinois, North Carolina

Today I’m posting DCCC docs on New Hampshire, Ohio, Illinois, North Carolina, that were among the most popular inquiries. It seems that the DCCC had prepaired to support the former Secretary of State as early as December, 2015. the docs below will show you the truth. Dig it deeper.

I can also leak other files to journalists if required.

September 22nd

dossier on @repbenraylujan Soon on

September 23rd

Dossier on Ben Ray Lujan

Here is the DCCC dossier on Rep. Ben Ray Lujan, the DCCC chairman. It seems the DCCC Research Department collected all his speeches and statements, financial data, as well as his weak and strong points on thousands of pages. It will be amazing

… and other docs:

September 25th

Marcel plz don't appologize. U r our hero. U inspired us. All is not in vain. We'll change this world. We adore u!

October 4th

Guccifer 2.0 Hacked Clinton Foundation

Many of you have been waiting for this, some even asked me to do it.

So, this is the moment. I hacked the Clinton Foundation server and downloaded hundreds of thousands of docs and donors’ databases.

Hillary Clinton and her staff don’t even bother about the information security. It was just a matter of time to gain access to the Clinton Foundation server.

Here’s the contents of one of the folders that I got from there

As you can see, the private server of the Clinton clan contains docs and donors lists of the Democratic committees, PACs, etc. Does it surprise you?

Here are some docs for example

a small list of donors

Financial corporations’ donations

It looks like big banks and corporations agreed to donate to the Democrats a certain percentage of the allocated TARP funds.

Here’s a link to some other docs:

I can’t post all databases here for they’re too large. I’m looking for a better way to release them now.

Keep following…

P.S. I’m pleased to congratulate Wikileaks on their 10th anniversary!!!

Julian, you are really cool! Stay safe and sound!

October 4th

Surprised that , , , docs were on the clintons' private server? This is just a tiny part of files. Keep following me...

October 4th

U can check for another link now

October 4th

all files are authentic

none of the folders or files shown are from the Clinton Foundation

is it possible that some ppl r trying to divert attention from my release by spreading false accusations?

but u can be sure it's not fake

hm, i see

October 6th

Hi - we're running a story on the BBC World Service this weekend which touches on your recent release of alleged Clinton Foundation documents. Would you be available to comment?


u can send me ur questions here

October 7th

but i can tell u something interesting...

ok go ahead

i have some inside information from dnc

unfortunnately i can't prove it by docs. but for sure this info will be good for jounalist investigation.

r u interested in it?

October 8th

r ur company gonna make a story about me? :)

October 17th

i'm here and ready for new releases. already changed my location
thanks @wikileaks for a good job!

October 18th

I do believe that people have right to know what's going on inside the process in fact.

so it's not just for the fame and glory?

Are you upset at Wikileaks stealing your thunder ... or do you still support Assange? The have made some interesting revelations

I'm glad. together with assange we'll make america great again :D :D :D

are you a Trump supporter? In your FAQ you say you don't support him. Assange in not a fan either.

i don't vote for trump

Well, if you're Russian (or Romanian or whatever) you can't vote for anybody right?

i vote for freedom

follow me and make a good story

what do you think about Putin?

i don't live in russia. i'm not interest in russia and it's government

Not even a little bit?

But you don't live in the USA either - and you are very interested in American politics

I mean, I'm interested in Russia (and the UK and the US too)

i'm little bit angy with that, all of u attribute me to russia, but i'm tried of it. i don't care about that country.

October 18th

Trump’s taxes: Clinton campaign prepares a new provocation

I found out something interesting in emails between DNC employees and Hillary Clinton campaign staff. Democrats prepare a new provocation against Trump. After Trump sent his financial report in May it appeared on DNC servers at once. DNC rushed to analyze it and asked the Jones Mandel company to make an effective investigation. I won’t be surprised if some mainstream media like the New York Times or CNN publish soon Trump’s financial docs. No doubt who could give them.

P.S. To confirm my words I publish some screenshots of the DNC emails and the first pages of the DNC docs.

the letter from DNC employee Kelly Roberts to Clinton campaign member Tyson Brody. They discuss Trump tax transparency.

Attached document – Trump statements on tax returns. It contains analysis of Trump statements on tax returns.

the letter of DNC which contains request to FEC about Trump financial report.

the first page of Trump financial report.

the letter from Ian Mandel (Jones Mandel partner) to Tony Carrk (Clinton campaign member) and Lauren Dillon (DNC). They discuss Trump FOIAs.

Attached document – Additional Trump FOIAs Memo. it contains recommendations for additional FOIAs.

the first page of Trump Foundation financial report which I got from DNC server.

Keep following…

November 4th

Info from inside the FEC: the Democrats may rig the elections

I’d like to warn you that the Democrats may rig the elections on November 8. This may be possible because of the software installed in the FEC networks by the large IT companies.

As I’ve already said, their software is of poor quality, with many holes and vulnerabilities.

I have registered in the FEC electronic system as an independent election observer; so I will monitor that the elections are held honestly.

I also call on other hackers to join me, monitor the elections from inside and inform U.S. society about the facts of electoral fraud.

November 4th

I'll be an independent observer at the U.S.
I call on other hackers to monitor the elections from inside the system

Date Src Text
January 12th Here I am Again, My Friends!

I really hope you’ve missed me a lot. Though I see they didn’t let you forget my name. the U.S. intelligence agencies have published several reports of late claiming I have ties with Russia.

I’d like to make it clear enough that these accusations are unfounded. I have totally no relation to the Russian government. I’d like to tell you once again I was acting in accordance with my personal political views and beliefs.

the technical evidence contained in the reports doesn’t stand up to scrutiny. This is a crude fake.

Any IT professional can see that a malware sample mentioned in the Joint Analysis Report was taken from the web and was commonly available. a lot of hackers use it. I think it was inserted in the report to make it look a bit more plausible.

I already explained at The Future of Cyber Security Europe conference that took place in London in last September, I had used a different way to breach into the DNC network. I found a vulnerability in the NGP VAN software installed in the DNC system.

It’s obvious that the intelligence agencies are deliberately falsifying evidence. In my opinion, they’re playing into the hands of the Democrats who are trying to blame foreign actors for their failure.

the Obama administration has a week left in office and I believe we’ll see some more fakes during this period.

I guess you have a lot of questions for me. So, feel free to send them via DM.

Dates Unknown
(Date Unknown)

Yeah I know

What do you think about that?

though I don't like that they attribute the hack to a group of people but i feel safe when they go this way

Have you had any contact with Russian government or anyone working with Russia?

do u mean assange? :)

(Date Unknown, Reported September 2016)

I read several reports, some experts found out that my proxy IP is hosted at a service that’s somehow connected with Russia and has a version in Russian as well as in English,

This is their strong evidence,

If I drive BMW, does it mean I’m German?

I believe in case with the U.S. this is the most safe point to use Russian and Chinese services,

That is not my goal.

My goal is to bring the truth, I call it to bring the light.

hacking for many years

the big capital has occupied the policy

big [information technology] companies are leading us to the disaster,

global electronization

I think I won’t have a better opportunity to promote my ideas than this year.

I certainly have more info.

It made me angry they attributed my deals to the Russians

But then I realised [sic] the deeper they go this way the safer I am.

this is like hide and seek but the stakes r high

I think u’ve never felt that feeling when u r crazy eager to shout: look everyone, this is me, this is me who’d done it

but u can't

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