Focus On The Decision-Makers - They Have Been Informed

by Adam Carter --- September 11th, 2017


As you've probably noticed, VIPS signatories (and associates supporting the new announcements and memos) are not backing down in a hurry. Ray McGovern was recently on Redacted Tonight and EIR magazine just hosted an event featuring both Ray McGovern and Bill Binney, available to watch on YouTube, titled "The Russian Hack Inside Job: Who's Trying To Destroy The Presidency And Start A World War With Russia?" (worth watching even just for Binney's explanation of the NSA's capabilties and why he's sure the NSA lacked actual evidence of a hack!)

There are good reasons these VIPS members are not backing down. Not only do they have all the information that's been brought to light over the last 9 months by independent researchers, they also have direct experience of working in intelligence agencies and Binney, alone, knows all about the NSA's capabilities because he played a fundamental role in developing the NSA's data-gathering operations.


Critics Have NOT Debunked The Research & Analysis

The framing from most critics recently has done little more than construct a straw-man to attack (typically by making it appear as though confidence of those calling for investigation is solely based on transfer speeds that were mentioned in the 7th conclusion in Forensicator's analysis).

Most critics have chosen to ignore the mountain of circumstantial evidence gathered as well as some key pieces of verifiable evidence.

Critics have focused on the dissent that's come from other VIPS members, or focused on secondary sources such as the authors of articles about the VIPS memo, and their editors and publishers, rather than actually looking at the true scope of evidence involved.

Some have even tried to throw experts at this, but, as I've made clear, estimates and assumptions, even coming from experts, are no substitute for actually testing theories and assumptions out.


Recent Activities & What Will Happen Next

Since the original report was sent out, Skip Folden, one of the co-authors of the VIPS report, has sent a far more detailed report to the Office of Special Counsel (Robert Mueller), Office of the Attorney-General (As Jeff Sessions has recused himself, this has been sent to Rod J. Rosenstein, Deputy Attorney General) and, I believe more recently, to additional parties that will be disclosed in the week ahead (along with further details about the contents of that report).

The new report covers more than any of the previous reports (going beyond what Forensicator and myself even have the means to assess). While I do not have full details yet and won't until it is published, I do know it should easily provide enough information to leave no doubt that further investigation is needed.


Both the Senate and House Intelligence Committees as well as the Senate Judicial Committee have now received the report, all with a copy of the cover letter that was sent to Mueller and Rosenstein.

That cover letter specifically asked for 1) Verification of the report’s findings, 2) Investigations resulting from the verifications, and 3) Prosecutions, as a threat to national security, any findings of collusion to mislead or misrepresent, the results of which could not only weaken our nation through political upheaval, but risk eventual war with Russia due to the resultant downward spiral of relations.


The Odds Are Still Against Us - The Problems We Face

There's no point pretending otherwise, the odds are against us. The truth getting out about the Guccifer 2.0 operation has a significant impact on various things, among them:

There are billions of dollars and the reputations of many at stake.

We have the USIC (United States Intelligence Community), mainstream media & much of the political establishment across both parties that are likely to oppose this aggressively.

We also face the prospect that Mueller will likely be resistant to putting any real pressure on Shawn Henry & Dmitri Alperovitch especially as the former had close ties with Mueller in the past. This is fundamentally important as there are a LOT of questions that should be asked of these particular CrowdStrike executives - and there's a good chance they will never be grilled over this.

Without pressure, America might never get to know the truth about what is one of the biggest public deceptions I've personally witnessed in my life, and one that I am absolutely certain of – and appalled by!


So, What's The Plan?

I'm just asking everyone to familiarize themselves with the facts as much as possible, to keep an eye out for the report in the week or so ahead, look at how those who have received copies of the report (including any additional parties that are disclosed) react (or fail to).

There's a good chance they will start off by not even acknowledging receipt of the report in the hope all of this can be ignored. If we want to see a different outcome to that, it's important that as many people as possible know which decision-makers have received the report, the scope of the report and that it's important these things are investigated (which they should be – at least, if the RussiaGate investigations are actually being conducted in good faith).

If you feel strongly enough about the outcome (or lack of an outcome) and want all the evidence investigated so America has a chance of finding out the truth about Guccifer 2.0, all I ask is that you speak up about how you feel and share the upcoming news far and wide.

Multiple parties now have details of the exculpatory evidence (produced throughout 2017, since the USIC wrote their assessments). This evidence far surpasses the evidence implicating Russia as far as Guccifer 2.0 is concerned, and some of it even debunks the assertions used to claim an association between Guccifer 2.0 and Russia.

VIPS, myself and a number of researchers that have contributed to the new findings over the past year could all do with your help in making sure this information goes public, and to make sure there is pressure placed on decision-makers to investigate what has been found, to act in good faith and to NOT betray the public's trust on this – even if that doesn't fit nicely with what they have told us so far!

To all who are willing to get the word out and put pressure on those that need encouragement to investigate things thoroughly - please know, in advance, that I'm extremely grateful for your help and support.

If you have any questions or concerns, I'm only an email away (see: home page).



An initial version of this article had stated:

Office of the Attorney-General (Jeff Sessions)

this was changed to:

Office of the Attorney-General (As Jeff Sessions has recused himself, this has been sent to Rod J. Rosenstein, Deputy Attorney General)